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Clare Harrison

Entrepreneurship Educator

I’m the founder of Start Me Up, an entrepreneurship education program based in Asia-Pacific.

We’re a new kind of travel and education company that focuses on creative, design and tech skills.

Based on developing key entrepreneurial skills, students learn skills ranging from ideation and UX design to programming and data science. 

We try to show the diversity of career paths that are available and equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the future of work. 


I founded Start Me Up because it’s the kind of experience I wish I’d had earlier in my career.

When I graduated from Oxford in Politics Philosophy and Economics many years ago I was pretty clueless about the career options that were available to me. 

My first career was in media and financial journalism. This route wasn’t undertaken after much serious research, but rather out of a rejection of the immediate alternatives and a ‘feeling’ that it was a good idea. 

After many years in the industry, I felt it wasn’t right for me. But I had no idea what to do instead. So I set up a company offering ghostwriting and communications services and left the UK. 


Traveling in Asia

As I traveled through Asia and Australia, I continued running my communications business while working with clients all over the world.

On my travels I stumbled upon a co-working space called Hubud in Bali. It had been open less than a year and was a hub for locals, expats, creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

I thought it was marvellous and begged one of the founders to hire me to help with some new education programs they were launching, which included coding bootcamps in Bali.

Working for an education startup taught me a lot (as you’d imagine). But after having a motorbike accident in Indonesia I had to return to the UK. 

Reflecting back home I realized that traveling had been hugely educational for me. But much of what I’d picked up had been as a result of attending talks, reading books and serendipitous meetings. 

More people could benefit from a more structured version of this experience, I decided. And Bali was the place to do it. 

We’ve since run Start Me Up across four continents and we have an international team spread across five countries. 

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