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I’m the founder of Start Me Up, a program that brings STEM students and specialists together to fast-track tech & sustainability projects in Indonesia. 


I’m a sustainability and communications specialist with experience in journalism (The Times, Fast Company and The Telegraph), and founding international social impact businesses.

I currently advise on and manage communications content for large NGOs, international development banks and investment promotion agencies at The Content Engine.  

As the founder of Start Me Up, a program that brings STEM students and specialists together to fast-track tech & sustainability projects in Indonesia, I built a company from the ground up that worked with over 100 organisations and students from over 50 universities.

Projects to date have included:

  • Developing low-cost GHG measurement approaches for NGOs.
  • Assessing the feasibility of ocean conservation monitoring with underwater drones.
  • Developing low-cost water purification prototypes for agriculture.
  • Developing improved formulas for bioplastic applications in agriculture to support coffee growers in rural Indonesia.
  • Measuring the impacts of regenerative agriculture and water conservation pilot programmes in rural areas.
  • Developing biodegradability testing protocols for a menstrual health startup.
  • Identifying coatings and maintenance protocols to improve lifespan of solar panels for a social enterprise offering fishing boats powered by renewable energy.

  • Designing small-scale community renewable energy projects for rural communities.

Alumni have landed jobs for some of the world’s top companies, including TESLA, Google, Microsoft and McKinsey. Start Me Up has been featured in The Guardian, Business Insider and HuffPost.

My clients (and sometimes my writing) have appeared in Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, WSJ, The Daily Telegraph, Fast Company, The Guardian, and Tech Cocktail, among others. I’ve also been a copywriter for some of the world’s biggest corporations (Bank of America, PwC, etc). 

Recently I headed up communications and marketing for CamIn, a global innovation consultancy founded at Cambridge University’s science and engineering hub. CamIn builds teams of experts to assess opportunities unlocked by emerging technologies, ranging from hyperspectral imaging to generative AI. 

See more of my freelance communications work at The Story Scientist.

I’ve been an entrepreneurship workshop facilitator and coach for Techstars Startup Weekends. I’m interested in entrepreneurship, technology and design research and I’ve got an undergraduate degree from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.